Hotel certificato EcolabelThe protection of the environment where we live and attention of the effects generated on it by products and services that we acquire every day represent common responsibility.

In order to choose products with minor environmental impact, consumers should have certain accessible and comprehensible information.

Therefore the European Ecolabel was initiated, encouraging producers to make products and services “friends of the environment” giving the consumers the possibility to make conscious choices. The ECOLABEL is an immediate source of identification and information on the choices of environmental quality adopted, recognized and guaranteed by the National Organism of the Comitato Emas Ecoaudit (Ecoaudit Emas Committee) which allows the use of the label only after the careful analysis of the requirements of the product and service in relation to precise criteria defined on a European level.

We therefore proudly announce that we have obtained this label of environmental excellence also in our structure. A selective brand that awards attention toward the environment and a better quality of life.

The European Ecolabel is for us an additional value that sums up to quality service that we want to offer you!


La realizzazione degli interventi di adueguamento è stata finanziata sul programma Operativo FESR 2007-2013 della Provincia Autonoma di Trento anche con il contributo del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale -L.P. 13 dicembre 1999, n. 6. Bando n° 2/2012.


Hotel Qualità Parco

Hotel qualita parcoThe magical enchantment of nature fills every corner of the Val di Sole. Majestic mountains, green forests, heart felt moments and infinite emotions to discover every season.

And in addition the National Park dello Stelvio and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park... two natural parks with infinite beauty where intact nature waits patiently to be discovered.

The passion for this valley and its charm has inspired us to careful politics in respecting the environment adopting both the Ecolabel brand, which foresees the adhesion to careful criteria of energetic savings, and waste disposal adhering to the product club “Qualità parco”. This helps us to discover nature in a slow and deep way with low impact.

Rules of harmony

Coherently with the principles displayed in the declaration of the environmental politics of our hotel, and certainly of your comprehension and participation, we invite you to:

  • turn off the heating when you open the window;
  • turn off the lights when you go out of the room and/or bathroom;
  • use the minimum amount advised of soap, shampoo, etc...
  • turn off the faucet while brushing teeth and use the reduced flow button on the toilet
  • don't throw aggressive substances, large waste or toxic and dangerous substances down the drain
  • promptly inform the personnel in case you see a leaky faucet or anything else broken
  • take part in waste separation using the special containers arranged for the separation of moist and dry waste.
  • Use the special containers placed in the restroom for waste separation, one for glass, plastic, cans and newspapers
  • In addition there are containers for waste separation on each floor, in the yard and in the garage where you can use them if they are not in your room..
  • turn into the personnel possible “dangerous waste” (batteries, light bulbs, etc.) or possible expired medicine
  • hang up towels on the towel hangers if you don't want them changed, remembering that changing linen on the bed will take place twice a week while bathroom towels daily by request
  • when you're in the mountains, stay on the marked trails, in order not to damage vegetation, do not gather flowers or plants, scare animals and, after an excursion, bring your waste back with you.

We do not give out drinks in cans but in reusable bottles: we prefer local products, Trentini or organic labels.

When getting around our territory we kindly ask you to favor public transportation and use the bicycles we have available for getting around in nearby areas.

Also remember that Italian law forbids smoking in all the common areas and please do not smoke in your rooms, but rather outside on the balconies or in the garden.

We also offer information for you find all the indications, information, schedules and calendars that are useful to discover our territory: culture, events, entertainment, locations and environment in addition to unique specificities that make up the Trentina territory which welcomes you.

Environmental politics

Hotel Tevini is situated in the center of the Val di Sole, in a tranquil position, between two Natural Parks “Adamello Brenta“ and “Nazionale dello Stelvio”, among three mountainous groups “Brenta”, “Adamello Presanella” and “Ortels - Cevedale”, and has as its first priority a respect for the environment.

This is why, with the environment as one of the main resources of tourism, the hotel has decided to enhance the respect for the environment also allowing for improved comfort for the guest.

In particular we have taken on the commitment regarding various types of consumption like energy, water and protection of the environment, measuring and controlling the use of detergents and disinfectants, favoring those of natural origin.

As a consequence we dedicate ourselves to continuing and improving our collection of data of various consumption evaluating and looking to improve it.

These objectives also involve the participation of clients, not only through their suggestions that are proposed in questionnaires, but also by their initiatives toward the respect of the environment and the territory that surrounds it.

On the occasion of this, it is very important that the guest is informed, regarding the initiatives of both an internal and external nature, about improvement; therefore it will be our commitment to provide the guest with documents and informative tools.

We hope that all our small and simple “rules” that guarantee serenity and harmony, can be followed to bring us all to a better interest and reflection toward the wonderful and valuable nature that surrounds us.



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