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Sustainable tourism in Trentino

Our contribution to the environment

Respect for the mountains, nature, and the environment, in which we live in, is a fundamental pillar of our philosophy. Thanks to our commitments in fostering the sustainable tourism in Trentino, we have already received various awards, among which the ECOLABEL of the European Union and the Green Travel Award 2017, given by the GIST (Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica) to examples of sustainable and responsible tourism in Italy. We commit ourselves daily to using electric and thermal energy from renewable sources and we also offer our guests a charging station for electric vehicles. What’s more, our hotel in Commezadura is part of the association Qualità Parco which promotes sustainable tourism in the Ademello Brenta natural park.

It doesn’t take much to contribute to saving the environment! During your stay with us, we invite you to join in and:

  • dispose waste in appointed containers
  • choose public transport or our bikes for exploring the area
  • reuse towels and leave them on the floor only when you wish to have them changed
  • turn off the heating when opening the windows
  • turn off the lights when you leaving the room
  • use the minimum dose of soap and detergent required
  • close the tabs while brushing your teeth
  • press the small flush button when using the WC
  • protect vegetation and animals during your trips to the mountains; do not damage anything or scare the animals
  • bring any waste back to the valley


… thank you for your contribution!


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